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Can a child play with your apps without adult supervision?
Our apps have been developed with special attention to children's security. All actions that are not specifically part of the games require additional validation by an adult who can read and understand the instructions and follow them. We recommend blocking the app if the child is left to play alone. This will ensure that they cannot exit without the help of an adult.
My child has deleted an app. Can I recover it? I paid for it, but do I have to pay again?
Don't worry. You can download the app from the store for your device. If you search for the lost app and reinstall it, you will be able to use it without having pay again.
The application is behaving strangely and closing unexpectedly.
You may have multitasking gestures activated and your child may be using them without realizing it. We recommend disabling these gestures for greater security and control when a small child is using the device.
Do the apps have advertisements?
Apps are free to play at some levels. The free version of our apps has a banner ad on the first screen only. To eliminate advertisements and get access to all levels, you can purchase the app from the store for your device, or follow the links on the free app start screen to purchase the app.
How do I activate / deactivate music and sounds?
In order to hear the app's music and sounds, the speakers on your device must be on. Also check that the volume is at an acceptable level. If you don't want hear music and sounds, you can turn off the speakers on your device or deactivate the app's sounds on the home screen.

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