About us

Patchimals primarily consists of a family: mom, dad, Sabrina and Melina. Professionally we are designers and developers. Vocationally, we are parents, passionate about our growing daughters. Because of this, Patchimals is a project that is made by parents, for parents, as well as for educators. And to the general public.

We are self declared lovers for educational applications. Watching Sabrina's fascination for mobile devices, we decided to create applications that would be adequate for her use. And from our wonderful and stressful role as parents we took on the job of entertaining her while she learns through playing.

We have developed the applications thinking of her, trying to surprise her: analyzing her uncertainties, needs, likes and skills. Later we adapted the applications to the ability levels of other children, so that everyone can use Patchimals. We made sure to create applications that were educational, pretty, fun, relaxing, and free of stress.

To develop Patchimals, we have brought together a number of different professionals from various fields. Every aspect that reaches you is the result of our efforts and teamwork to create a well-designed product to play with and teach children.

Now we invite you to join our project and find in Patchimals an ally to entertain, have fun with and educate your children. Download our applications and leave us a review. We are constantly working to develop new applications and to improve our existing ones.  We would love to receive your ideas, suggestions and comments. We take your feedback seriously and use it to ensure continuous improvement and offer you the best products possible.